Ori Spotlight Episode Twenty Two – Elliot Menschick, Chief Digital Officer (Resilience) and Kevin Gordon, Chief Digital Officer (Ori)

Episode twenty two

In episode 22 of the Ori Spotlight Podcast, Jason C. Foster is joined by Elliot Menschik Chief Digital Officer at Resilience, and Kevin Gordon Chief Digital Officer at Ori.

Founded in 2020, Resilience is a manufacturing and technology company building a sustainable network of high-tech, end-to-end manufacturing solutions to ensure the medicines of today and tomorrow can be made quickly, safely, and at scale.

Elliot began his career as a physician and engineer before moving into the health-tech industry, where he founded, built and invested in a number of health-tech startups. Prior to Resilience, Elliot worked at Amazon Web Services where he led the company’s work supporting startups, scale-ups and investors in highly-specialized industries. He is now responsible for all things digital across Resilience, including software development, data, applications and infrastructure and security.

Jason, Elliot and Kevin sat down together to delve into the opportunities for efficiencies within cell and gene therapy development, the future of manufacturing and digital-first automation, and to answer the pivotal question of what does good look like in cell and gene therapy?

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