Ori Spotlight Episode 18 – Stuart Milne – Chief Operating Technology Officer, Ori Biotech

Episode 18

For episode 18 of the Ori Spotlight Podcast, Jason C. Foster is joined by Ori’s very own Chief Technology Officer, Stuart Milne.

Stuart has extensive experience in the CGT sector, having held leadership positions across R&D, startups and scale-ups – including leading a multidisciplinary CGT R&D team from start-up (Asymptote, 2012) through to acquisition (GE Healthcare, 2017) and divestiture (Cytiva, 2020), and launching IOT-enabled products in CGT.

Together, Jason and Stuart discuss how the industry is overcoming current manufacturing challenges, the need to build in quality throughout the development and manufacturing process, and how Ori is preparing now to be able to meet the future demands of customers, the supply chain and regulators.

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