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Ori Biotech celebrates International Women’s Day 2022.

At Ori we have many exceptional women on our team that support us in our mission to improve access to advanced therapies, each and every day.

To mark International Women’s Day we asked some of our team members about working in CGT and their advice to encourage more women into STEM. Here’s what they had to say…

What makes you proud to be a woman in science, and specifically in CGT?

“Being able to be part of something that will have such a phenomenal impact on saving patient lives is truly an honour. Being surrounded by talented, passionate, and curious colleagues is also an honour. There really is no better space to be in than CGT! It’s fast and it’s powerful – it’s the best rollercoaster ride you will ever go on!” Sarah Parsons, HR Consultant

How do you think we can encourage more women to pursue careers in CGT?

“I think it’s important that companies like Ori in the CGT space show the public our commitment to diversity and inclusion, to encourage more women to join the industry. This could be increasing female representation in a company’s leadership, offering mentorship and coaching programs to female employees, and creating a safe environment, where the needs of female employees can be discussed with mechanisms that allow these to be reflected back into company culture.” Meoko Saito, Program Manager

“We need to acknowledge and understand the challenges that women face pursuit of careers in CGT. Firstly, we need to be mindful of gender bias when writing job applications, to avoid discouraging skilled female candidates. We also need to ensure that women have the same opportunities for promotion as their male counterparts. Lastly, increasing the number of women in leadership positions will both inspire and demonstrate to younger females interested in CGT, that career progression and development are possible.” Aoife Hayes, Associate Scientist

How does Ori Biotech support your continued professional development in the CGT space?

“My internship at Ori last year gave me the opportunity to gain hands-on experience whilst studying for a masters. The exposure I had to the workings of a small biotech during that time was quite a rare opportunity and I’m so grateful for that experience. In my role at Ori now that exposure has only increased –being surrounded by a really talented team means there’s something new to learn each day! I’ve also just started studying for a PRINCE2 qualification through Ori which will support me in my role, so I’m excited to be learning more about project management.” Charlotte Hernandez, Associate Project Manager

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