Automate Better Biology with IRO.

For too long, you have had to sacrifice biological performance for automation. Not anymore.

  • Compatible with all suspension cell therapies including CAR-T, TIL, TCR-T, NK and CD34+
  • Start with ~50M cells (at 50ml) and yield up to 12B cells (at 1L) with high viability
  • Achieves higher transduction efficiency and cell yields than the current “gold standard” cell expansion system
  • Reduces manufacturing process times by an average of 1-2 days
  • Patented OriConnect™ System closes and automates sterile fluid transfer

Accelerate Product Development with IRO.

IRO can help you quickly transition from R&D into the clinic, and from the clinic to commercial-scale manufacturing.

  • One flexible platform from R&D to GMP for multiple clinical programs
  • GMP-ready and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant: shortens tech transfer and optimization times for a faster path to the clinic
  • Mitigates risk of process change and comparability between your clinical and commercial stage
  • Helps you reach the next value inflection point more quickly
  • Increases your ability to secure future funding or partners with a viable plan to reach scale

Scale Your Impact with IRO.

IRO combines an efficient and flexible platform with a scalable, digital solution to industrialize precision medicine manufacturing – delivering a return on investment to innovators developing a new generation of therapies.

  • Platform built for CGT, not repurposed from biologics
  • Reduces labor by 50-70% and manufacturing costs by 30-50%
  • Reduces batch failure rates to hit target dose more consistently
  • Enables manufacturing in GMP Grade C or D cleanrooms
  • Increases throughput per sq ft, ~1000 doses per year in 1000 sq ft
  • Facilitates multi-site manufacturing and comparability

"I expected automation, I expected more process insights, but I never expected better biological performance right out of the gate."

Jason Bock, Co-Founder and CEO

CTMC – a joint venture between Resilience + MD Anderson Cancer Center

Freedom to Optimize, Flexibility to Innovate.

IRO returns control of process optimization to the expert scientists, where it belongs.

  • Rapid optimization across multiple processes, workflows, and cell types
  • Flexible process parameters, including adjustable mixing to optimize growth
  • Large operating volume range of 50ml – 1L
  • Flexible and user-adjustable software, programmable during process development
  • Integrates with best-of-breed technologies and service providers you trust

Automating Better Biology.

IRO’s patented OriConnect™ System closes and automates sterile fluid transfer, enabling aseptic processing and eliminating the need for manual tube welding during the core process. This minimizes dead volumes and reduces the risk of human error.

Get to Know IRO.

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