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Ori Biotech Industry News: Personalized Medicine.

In their monthly landscape newsletter, Personalized Medicine Coalition rounds up the latest developments in personalized medicine across policy, research and clinical adoption.

Following a recent upswell in interest in personalized medicine by policymakers, clinicians, and journalists, their latest newsletter highlights notable movements within the industry – casting a significant focus on the need for solutions that improve the accessibility of advanced therapies for patients.


In April, the co-chairs of the Congressional Personalized Medicine Caucus hosted a briefing titled ‘Promoting Innovation and Delivery of Cell and Gene Therapies’. They aimed to educate on the emerging opportunities of personalized medicines, and discuss public policies to support adoption of these therapies by clinicians.

The congress underlined the urgent need to solutions that enable potentially curative therapies for cancer and rare diseases, to be made accessible to patients as soon as they come to market.

Clinical Adoption

An economic modelling study commissioned by PMC, suggests that the use of next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based tests to profile whole genomes may be the most cost-effective strategy to diagnose rare genetic diseases in infants who are under a year old.

Highlighting the economic and clinical benefits of NGS-based tests, the study promises to encourage health care providers and payers to utilize NGS-based testing for the benefit of both health systems and pediatric patients with suspected rare diseases.

Spotlighting the potential benefits of NGS-based testing for diagnosing rare diseases, especially among patients in the earliest stages of life, this study underlines the economic gains that are available to health care systems that embrace a new era of personalized medicine in which physicians use diagnostic tests to guide the right therapy to the right patient at the right time.

PMC President Edward Abrahams

Here at Ori Biotech, we are passionate about working together across the industry to improve patient access to advanced therapies. Read the full newsletter on these exciting developments. 

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