It all starts with Biology

Ori is focused on delivering industry-leading biological performance.

Together with industry leaders, we’ve developed a platform specifically designed to match the complexity of life-saving cell and gene therapies.

We took a biology-first approach to meet the unique manufacturing needs of our industry.

Changing the Status Quo

Ori’s approach combines novel Digital and Engineering capabilities to enable exceptional Biology – delivering needed innovation to CGT Manufacturing.


Delivering exceptional biological performance to reach patient target doses as quickly as possible without compromising quality and potency.


Permitting real-time monitoring and control, predictive analytics, and data insights to enable faster process development, improved throughput and decreased costs.


Automating manual steps to standardize and de-skill processes, while increasing throughput and enabling scale.

Exceptional Biological Performance

The Ori platform has been developed to flex to your process, reducing the need to work within the constraints of current inflexible manufacturing technologies.

The Proof is in the Numbers

Data from 500 internal and external characterization runs at Ori and LEAP partner sites show the potential of the Ori platform.

9 Partners

Ori's LightSpeed Early Access Program (LEAP) includes 5 therapy developers, 3 CDMOs and 1 AMC

10 Unique Processes

Different processes including CAR-T, TCR-T, TILs, CD34+ with CAR-M and others on the horizon

32 Donors / Patients

Testing the platform’s ability to address donor and patient variability, showcasing the robustness of system outputs across different starting material

50M Starting Cell #

The minimum starting cell number assessed to date

30ml to 1L

Flexible operating volume range allows activation, transduction and expansion in one bioreactor

12B Cells

Maximum cell yield observed from bioreactor (~170x fold expansion)

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