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Ori Spotlight #34 – Adam Siebert and Jeff Holder, LEK Consulting.

Episode 34

In this episode of the Ori Spotlight Podcast, host Jason C. Foster is joined by Jeff Holder and Adam Siebert from LEK Consulting, who offer an in-depth exploration of the evolving cell and gene therapy (CGT) industry.

LEK Consulting, a global leader in strategic advisory, aims to address the critical challenges of scalability and commercial viability within the CGT sector. Jeff and Adam, with their extensive background in life sciences consulting, share their insights on the importance of early investment in manufacturing processes to ensure that groundbreaking therapies can be delivered to patients efficiently and on a large scale.

Together they explore the intricacies of CGT production, the significance of early-stage manufacturing considerations, and their vision for making advanced therapies more accessible to those in need.

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