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Ori Spotlight #20 – Jason Bock, Cell Therapy Manufacturing Center (CTMC).

Episode 20

In this episode of the Ori Spotlight Podcast Jason C. Foster is joined by Jason Bock, CEO of the Cell Therapy Manufacturing Center. At the time of recording, Jason was the Vice President and Head of Biologics Product Development at MD Anderson. They talk about Jason’s unusual move from industry back into academia, how the relationship between academia and industry is evolving in the development of advanced therapies, and why failing is crucial to the progression of the cell and gene therapy industry.

What’s in this episode

  • 01:51 – How Jason went from engineering at MIT to biologics at MD Anderson
  • 12:41 – The unique challenge of commercializing products in academia
  • 20:02 – The emerging roles of academic medical centers in industrializing precision medicines
  • 26:11 – How digital platforms and tools can help overcome challenges facing cell and gene therapy development
  • 33:29 – Jason’s view on collaborations between academic medical centres and industry
  • 44:03 – The collaboration between Ori and MD Anderson
  • 47:52 – The clinical and technological advances that Jason is excited about
  • 51:09 – Why you should fail well

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