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Ori Spotlight #22 – Elliot Menschick, Resilience and Kevin Gordon, Ori.

Episode 22

In this episode of the Ori Spotlight Podcast Jason C. Foster is joined by Elliot Menschik, Chief Digital Officer at Resilience, and Kevin Gordon, Chief Digital Officer at Ori. They talk about Elliot’s career leading up to his role at Resilience, how transformative digitization of cell and gene therapies could be for the industry, and why partnerships are crucial for the implementation of digital tools in cell and gene therapy developers and manufacturers, no matter the size.


What’s in this episode

  • 01:01 – Elliot’s extensive experience as a founder and VC before joining Resilience
  • 03:53 – Kevin’s career in the digital side of life sciences
  • 06:39 – Being a digital first company in the cell and gene therapy industry
  • 11:00 – The short- and medium-term goals from an industry 4.0 perspective
  • 13:32 – Kevin’s view on the importance of adopting digital early on in cell and gene therapy companies
  • 16:27 – The key aspects to disrupting the status quo and realizing the potential of digital tools
  • 25:44 – Ori’s ecosystem approach to harness best in breed technologies
  • 28:39 – Resilience’s approach using existing technologies and creating bespoke solutions for their customers
  • 33:46 – How the customer experience of tech transfer can be impacted by digital platforms
  • 40:07 – Why cell and gene therapy developer should outsource their digital needs

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