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Ori Spotlight #25 – Philip Vanek, Gamma Biosciences.

Episode 25

In this episode of the Ori Spotlight Podcast Jason C. Foster is joined by Philip Vanek, CTO of Gamma Bio. They talk about the role Gamma Bio is playing in accelerating the development of disruptive technologies for CGTs, why focussing on digital is key to solving the manufacturing pain point in the industry, and why the CGT industry is the most exciting space to work in.

What’s in this episode

  • 01:01 – Philip’s career in the CGT field
  • 06:05 – How Gamma Bio emerged from KKR with a new business model for biotech
  • 11:25 – How this model is implemented with the companies that Gamma Bio have partnered with
  • 18:05 – How investors are changing how they invest in the CGT industry
  • 21:30 – What innovations Philip is excited about in the industry
  • 25:43 – The importance of collaboration and partnership to solve broader problems in CGT
  • 31:39 – What role digital will play in accomplishing large-scale manufacture of CGTs
  • 42:32 – The biological and engineering innovations that Philip thinks will translate into clinical benefit
  • 46:11 – Philip’s predictions for the CGT industry in the next 5-10 years
  • 48:42 – Advice for anyone who wants to get involved in the CGT industry

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