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Ori Spotlight #23 – Jonathan Hay, Partner, Delin Ventures.

Episode 23

In this episode of the Ori Spotlight Podcast Jason C. Foster is joined by Jonathan Hay, Partner at Delin Ventures. They talk about Delin’s investment in Ori, where Jonathan sees potential and pitfalls in the cell and gene therapy sector, and how the shared vision of Ori and Delin to enable widespread patient access to precision medicines can be achieved.

What’s in the episode

  • 01:13 What areas Delin focuses on funding
  • 04:19 Why Delin decided to invest in Ori and how they’ve evolved
  • 09:51 – The exciting opportunities for innovation that Jonathan sees in the cell and gene therapy sector
  • 12:25 – The key challenges facing the sector aside from COGs
  • 19:50 What innovations can move the industry forward
  • 25:27 The benchmarks Jonathan thinks the industry should use to measure success
  • 29:51 What true innovation in the cell and gene therapy industry looks like to Jonathan
  • 38:08 – Jonathan’s views on the inflection points that will propel the industry forward
  • 42:36 What good looks like in the next decade from an investment perspective

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