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Ori Spotlight #28 – Dr. Betty Woo, ThermoFisher.

Episode 28

On this episode of the Ori Spotlight podcast, we’re joined by Dr Elizabeth Woo, Vice President of Cell and Gene Therapy at ThermoFisher.

With 20+ years of experience at ThermoFisher, Betty has contributed to the growth of the company’s revenue from $4B to $40B through various technical, commercial and leadership roles. Throughout this episode, Betty provides her insights into how the cell and gene therapy sector is evolving and offers valuable advice for young professionals in the industry.

To strengthen and advance the industry, it is crucial to welcome diverse and exceptional skillsets and talents. Betty stresses the importance of fostering diverse and inclusive work environments and takes pride in being part of an organisation where more than 40% of leadership roles are held by women.

We’re very excited to see industry leaders like ThermoFisher leverage their immense pool of resources and assets to accelerate therapy development and improve access to life-saving innovative therapies for patients worldwide.

A fascinating discussion that provides valuable insights for all, from young professionals entering the industry to experienced leaders in the biotech space.


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