Ori Spotlight Episode Twenty Five – Philip Vanek, CTO (Gamma Biosciences)

Episode twenty five

In episode 25 of the Ori Spotlight Podcast, Jason C. Foster is joined by Philip Vanek, CTO at Gamma Biosciences as they explore how the industry is evolving in a digitally connected world.

Gamma Biosciences is a life sciences innovator focused on bioprocessing tools and technologies for the development and production of advanced therapies, including vaccines, biologics and cell and gene therapies.

Philip is an entrepreneurial and strategic international business leader. Prior to Gamma Biosciences, he directed strategy and portfolio growth at GE Healthcare’s Cell and Gene Therapy business unit. He has also held leadership positions in a number of life sciences companies including Life Technologies, Becton Dickinson, and Lonza, and is currently a Board Member of CCRM in Toronto Canada and the ARM Foundation.

Philip joined Jason to discuss the role of digital within the cell and gene therapy industry, overcoming manufacturing challenges to meet the demand for therapies, and how industry partnerships and collaboration can increase the momentum of progress.

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